[Gsmmap] installing snoopsnitch on new cell phone?

Hassan Mokhtari hmokhtari at parsasharif.ir
Sat Jul 20 10:49:44 CEST 2019

Dear all,


Recently our customers have received some Fake SMS via Fake BTS, In our
company, we are going to buy some cell phones and install snoopsnitch on
them to detect Fake BTS around our company. All devices on device list of
snoopsnitch are discontinued and could not be found in the market. I bought
two following models and I rooted them. Although they have Qualcomm Chipset
but snoopsnitch did not work on them properly:

1-      Moto X4

2-      Samsung j4 plus


Could anyone please introduce me a model which could be newly bought in the
market? All the model in snoopsnitch device list are old and could not be
found in the market


Best Wishes Regards,


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