[Gsmmap] list of Auto WiFi SSIDs in network-specific Android builds

Tomcsányi, Domonkos domi at tomcsanyi.net
Mon May 20 10:13:06 CEST 2019

Hi Joe,

This does not really belong to this mailing list in my honest opinion, but nevertheless:
See this talk about some details about the topic you mentioned:


2019. máj. 20. dátummal, 8:56 időpontban josefh maier <josefh.maier at hushmail.com> írta:

> Hello group
> I heard that some mobile manufacturers do hard code profiles(SSID) for Auto Wi-Fi from mobile operators into Andorid...
> On what files of the Android-OS are those SSID stored (there are not listed in GUI :-) ?     
> Thank you very much!
> Joe
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