[Gsmmap] Improving Snoopsnitch to work for non-root and non-QUALCOMM chipset

Hassan Mokhtari hmokhtari at parsasharif.ir
Tue Sep 24 12:15:17 CEST 2019

Dear all gsmmap members!


I assume that Snoopsnitch cannot detect any fake BTS attack scenario when
the smart phone is not rooted or does not have QUALCOMM chipset. Right?!


So, we are going to develop a version of Snoopsnitch apk for the smart
phones that are not rooted and does not have QUALCOMM chipset. Although I
cannot detect fake BTS as powerful as the rooted with QUALCOMM chipset, but
I want to do my best. Now I am trying to extend
"android.telephony.PhoneStateListener" class and in android call back,
insert/edit some records in "cell_info" and "session_info" in SQLite.  In
this regard, I need to know under which condition records of "cell_info" and
"session_info" tables in SQLite change. Does anyone has any technical
documentation that would help? I know I can find my answer reviewing the
"C++ Code" of libdiag.so  and ., but I am going to find an easier way :)


Thanks for any comment!





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