[Simsec] CNTR high

Soiava soiavaq at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 01:58:42 CEST 2020

*I see this result from SIMTester:*

fuzzer: fuzzer14, TAR: SAT:505348, keyset: 5 - card responded with FETCH,
fetched_data =
response word: 9000
Proactive command (SEND SHORT MESSAGE) identified, details:
"410005002143F500F610027100000B0A50534800000000000003"; trying to handle
fuzzer: fuzzer14, TAR: 505348, keyset: 5, PoR: 03, PoR CC: null -> CRITICAL

SIMTester has discovered following weaknesses:

The following TARs/keysets returned a valid response without any security:
TAR    keyset Response packets

505348      5 027100000B0A50534800000000000003

*The PoR is 03 = CNTR high*
*What is the weakness of my SIM card?*
*Which attack?*
*Simjacker (S at T) or something else?*

*Please answer me...*
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