[Simsec] CNTR high

Soiava soiavaq at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 20:37:44 CEST 2020

*This is very important to me...*
*Please answer me...*
*I checked SIMTester source.*
*This is detection mechanism for unprotected TARs:*

If response status = 00 or 02 or 03
then TAR = unprotected

*I tested my SIM card with SIMTester.*
*This is command*:

FUZZER = 14 - KEYSET = 1 - SPI = 1C31 - KIC = 15 - KID = 10 - TAR = 505348
- CNTR = 0000000001 - PCNTR = 05

*This is response*:

027100000B0A50534800000000000003 (Status: 03 - Error: CNTR high)

*My SIM card received this message from SIMTester results: *

SIMTester has discovered following weaknesses:

The following TARs/keysets returned a valid response without any security:
TAR    keyset Response packets

505348      1 027100000B0A50534800000000000003

*I changed CNTR in command several times to find correct counter but I
received an error with status 02 = CNTR low*

*I think this is not a weakness and this is a problem in SIMTester or in my
SIM card because a hacker can not do anything.*

*Is it true?*
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